The Future of Health Research using Apps

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Our mobile phones have taking us to new heights with more efficiency in our lives.  For many of us, it has made things much easier at being organized.  Back in the old days, the calendars on our fridge used to be the focus as it is were we ink in any of our appointments.  Today, we do that easily into our smart phone with our apps.

More ever, the smart phone era has become so useful that many health experts are using it to conduct surveys and research.  Some apps made by scientist use real patients data who give consent in order to use it whatever statistical data they need for their research.

One particular app is focused on studying patients who have asthma.  This app is made by the School of medicine of Icahn and had the courtesy of data from 8000 patients in the United States alone.  The researchers are in awe on the real-time information they are receiving from the patient’s.  Some of the data that they are receiving are the location, their current asthma situation level and the air quality rated by the user.

This is a breakthrough because this would not be possible in the past and would not be as accurate.  The difficulty and the cost would be so high back then.  Today, the patient only needs to download this app on their iPhones and click on a form to provide the consent.  Then they are good to go.

This app was launched back in 2015 and immediately had over 50,000 downloaded it.  It also featured surveys(short and long versions) with questions such as what type of treatment were used and how long they were using it.  Some of the newer discovery was an association between Pollen levels and asthma attacks.

The trend of mobile research in the health industry will only grow from here because the majority of people have no issues with providing consent especially if it will help find a cure.

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