Healthy Food may not be as Healthy?

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With a health food train coming through the past few years you will find more healthy choices than ever before on your stores shelves.  You will find items with labels from healthy, organic, no sugar and natural.  We are just bombarded with all these items and it’s great.  There is a big problem though, because many of the available options with these healthy labels may in fact be not healthy at all.  They could cause more harm depending on your situation.

Many items such as fruit juices or frozen yogurt will have some labels making you think that it is healthy but it is still full of sugar and some nasty chemicals.  Another item that may cause harm is cereal.  You have to be extremely careful because the majority of the choices will be high in sugar which can cause a surge of insulin especially when it is eaten every morning.  Make sure to choose an option where it is 100% whole grain.  My favorite way of eating is getting a whole grain cereal and adding in some fresh fruits such as strawberries and sliced bananas.

Smoothies – Better Make at Home!

One potentially unhealthy item that is popular among many people is smoothies.  Now don’t get me wrong because smoothies are extremely healthy but only if you put in healthy ingredients.  If you purchase are smoothies from for example restaurants or a juice bar you may in fact be drinking something that may be not as healthy as you think.  These places always add very high amounts of sugar.  If you are going to purchase smoothies make sure to try to customize your own since many places will let you do that with an extra price.  Making the smoothie at home is far more the best option and cheaper.  Don’t forget to add the Greek yogurt!

Dried Fruits – Watch out!

Another interesting note to consider when you’re out shopping is to try to avoid food items that have dried fruits.  Dried fruits are healthy but when it is manufactured, it can contain preservatives and also be carcinogenic.  Usually in trail mixes you will find dried fruits but I would avoid that flavour and go for something that does not have dried fruits.  The only dry fruits I would go for are the sulfite free versions.  Even better is to make your own mix and throwing in some dark chocolate and healthy nuts.

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