Five Healthy Food Trends of 2017

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2016 was the year that brought us kale and healthier alternatives to sugar, but 2017 has delivered a whole new range of healthy food products. We are becoming a more health-conscious society and as a result, we are willing to try new foods to deliver optimum nutrients. Below is a compilation of the types of food to have in your diet and also make sure to read our older post on understanding healthy foods manufactured by companies.

Bean pasta

From mung bean fettuccine through to black bean or soy bean spaghetti, there are so many bean pastas hitting the market. Unlike their carbohydrate and wheat laden counterparts, the bean pasta variety has so many health benefits you wouldn’t have believed possible. Consisting purely of beans without preservatives, added sugar or hidden salt, the pasta is surprisingly
delicious and similar in texture to standard wheat or rice pasta.

Gluten free with high fiber and plant-based protein, they are a guaranteed success at any dinner table. They also keep you fuller for longer due to the slow digestion process, and this can aid in weight loss. Black beans also have high anti-oxidant content and promote a healthy heart.


Considered a favourite in Indian cuisine, turmeric has hit the food scene by storm in more than just ethnic cooking. Research has shown using turmeric in your cooking can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, depression, arthritis and cancer. You can now find the spice used in healthy drinks, supplements, and even health boost juice shots.


Up there in popularity with quinoa, chia in its seed form is fast becoming a ‘go-to’ health food for those looking to squeeze a little extra nutritional value into their day. It has plant-based omega-3 fats, and in just one tablespoon can deliver protein, fiber and alpha-linolenic acid.
Great for sensitive stomachs, chia can be added to porridge and pancakes for a more filling breakfast option.


Who would have thought that seaweed would become 2017’s latest food fad? However, it seems we’re onto a winner. Seaweed, known as ‘dulse’ is a fantastic source of potassium and iron, and also has essential amounts of iodine. Iodine is needed for regular thyroid function, and it’s generally only found in either seafood or iodized salt. Now we can get our fill from seaweed as well.

From swapping out chips for the salty deliciousness of seaweed, to crumbling it over salads or soups; it’s becoming a much loved addition to any homemade meal. It’s even growing in popularity in gourmet restaurants too.


Kefir has taken a little extra time to take off, and this is probably due to the production process. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains which is a yeast or bacterial starter. Originally it was made in goatskin bags to ferment but we now use much more hygienic methods to get our fix.

Regardless of its origins, kefir is jam packed full of probiotics which can kickstart your immune system. It has high levels of calcium and can be used instead of yogurts for breakfast or snacks.